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Experiences, like having a child or losing a lot of weight, can be life-changing. While these experiences are something most people look forward to, there are a number of complications that may arise. Stretch marks are among the most common problems an individual will face after childbirth or excessive weight gain.

People who have these marks on their body are typically self-conscious about them. Taking advantage of the laser stretch mark removal Madison and Milwaukee WI services offered by Sparsh Clinic is a great idea, and here are some of the reasons why.


The non-invasive stretch mark removal procedure offered by Sparsh Clinic involves the use of light wavelengths. The energy from these wavelengths is absorbed by the stretch marks on a patients body. The blood vessels beneath the stretch marks will take in this light and collapse as a result

The discoloration caused by these marks will fade after the laser stretch mark treatment is complete. The localized and controlled damage caused by the stretch mark removal treatment will promote the production of more collagen. This collagen will be used to smooth out the area where the stretch mark once was.


One of the first things most patients want to know about this treatment is how long it lasts and how long they will be down after the procedure is completed. Typically, this treatment will take around 20 to 40 minutes to complete. The total amount of treatment time depends on the size of the affected area.

With the no downtime stretch mark removal procedure, patients are able to get back to work immediately. Generally, people who have this treatment are able to see results in as little as 24 hours.

Getting rid of unsightly stretch marks is easy with the help of Sparsh Clinic Laser Skin Care. Call them today to find out more about the procedures they offer. The main goal is to provide patients with the comprehensive results they are looking for.