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Dysport is an injectable treatment for wrinkles and frown lines located between the eyebrows. One twenty-minute treatment can last up to four months. The difference with the Dysport formula is that untreated muscles continue to work normally. That translates to a natural look because facial expressions are unimpeded. There is no frozen effect when Dysport is used. People can be as expressive as they want to be and still have younger looking skin without deep creases between the eyebrows. Investigating the use of this treatment early will contribute to the more natural look. Waiting until those lines are pronounced means the effect will be more noticeable once the injection is given.

Injectable facial treatments to minimize the appearances of aging are gaining in popularity. New formulas, advanced technology, and affordable pricing makes them an ideal alternative to invasive plastic surgery. There is no recovery time, side effects are minimal, and there are no scalpels involved. Most treatments last for ten to fifteen minutes per session.


People who are constantly having injections to different areas of the face often suffer from a semi-frozen look. Muscles and skin are filled or plumped too much and it is next to impossible to alter facial expressions. This one of the largest reasons men and women choose Sparsh Clinic. Since most treatments are not permanent, maintenance injections are being done somewhere on the face at regular intervals. Collagen for the lips, gels for crow feet, and serums for laugh lines all look better with scheduled consultations for further treatment by our professionals.


Treating lines when they first begin to appear will provide a subtle result that most people will not even realize. They will continue to see the face as young and fresh. No one will know a treatment was completed unless you tell them. Since treatments are only done a few times a year, costs are manageable.